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Diamond Purpose of design
Diamond Basic design of municipal emblem
Diamond Higashi-Omi-shi logotype
Diamond Combination of municipal emblem and logotype (1)
Diamond Combination of municipal emblem and logotype (2)
Diamond Municipal emblem and logotype, precautions

Red is expression by vitality in river and environment that are clean as for the blue in "e" of the east (east) of Higashi-Omi-shi and nature that "close", green is rich in o motif. As a whole, we express the richness, harmony, development, growth, solidarity, interchange, and Shinbo rise is doing image in the future of new life "Higashi-Omi-shi".

●Basic design of municipal emblem

●Higashi-Omi-shi logotype

●Combination of municipal emblem and logotype

●Municipal emblem and logotype, precautions

Basic design of municipal emblem
Municipal emblem makes use of characteristic of line drawn freehand and is drawn. We recommend what is acquired from data.

Colorbar John (in the case of four colors)
Municipal emblem assumes expression with four colors basics. In addition, about reproduction of color, please appoint color in the ratio of the following. In addition, only case that you must express with single color accepts unicolor expression with the specified color.
○In the case of crossing

M90% Y95%

C55% Y100%

C95% M40%
○In the case of characteristic




Monochromatic version (in the case of one color)
We detect monochromatic version by limits of the number of the colors including publication to newspaper only when notice of basic color is difficult.
Inversion is monochromatic
○In the case of monochrome

100% of nets

45% of nets

70% of nets

As for the logotype, it was done Japanese construction of a kanji by original in consideration of balance with municipal emblem.
Please refer to "combination of municipal emblem and logotype (1), (2)" for combination with municipal emblem.

Base color
Higashi-Omi-shi logotype (original Japanese construction of a kanji) BL100%
European language logotype (use style of handwriting Univers 55) BL100%

Inversion base color

Please use by following combination pattern.
As placement except this and combination at the ratio become factor to confuse image, as a general rule, we prohibit.

●Basic pattern 1 (municipal emblem + logotype size + European language logotype)
●Basic pattern 2 (municipal emblem + logotype size)

●Basic pattern 3
(municipal emblem + logotype size
+ European language logotype) vertical typesetting
●Basic pattern 4
(municipal emblem + logotype size)
Vertical typesetting
●Basic pattern 5
(municipal emblem + logotype small)
●Basic pattern 6
(municipal emblem + European language logotype small)

When we use municipal emblem + logotype, we establish minimum protection area (blank space) in the outskirts and cannot display other design elements or letters in this domain.
But protection area rule is not applied to item (package signature stickers) which exhibit space is limited to as exception.


We arrange protection area of "D" in nature right and left of logotype for price of standard in diameter "D" of original Japanese yen that is part of municipal emblem.
You minimize this designation, and please consider to establish every possible protection area.

Protection area (Protected Area)