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Paper-cutting writer Tadashi Okui who conveys beauty of nature and scenery in paper-cutting

[September 6, 2018]

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 Limit esakukaokukyokyo (we repent and straighten) comes (Namazue-cho)

 Paper-cutting writer who conveys beauty of nature and scenery in paper-cutting

 Okui who picks up work

 Paper-cutting clips out various types of paper with design knife and retractable knife and we repeat different backgrounds of color and pattern and stick. Unlike picture to draw with writing brushes, it brings on unique atmosphere, and it is attractive to be able to create gentle curve.
 It is opportunity it is provoked in time of sophomore by friend of university that Okui began paper-cutting, and to have produced picture book by self-publishing. Because work of paper-cutting which we produced for the first time had good reputation from the neighborhood, in spite of own way, way as paper-cutting writer was begun to walk in earnest.

 Delicate clipping work

 Work of paper-cutting is very colorful and can show work three-dimensionally by putting several paper. We add the large small so far and make innumerable works. When we make work, we go to desk every day more than ten hours. If there is work completed in around ten minutes, there is work needing the days of around three weeks.

 Work finished by 3-week work

 "We make various things subject of work, but nature and scenery of Higashi-Omi-shi where we were born and raised lay groundwork for work unconsciously. We express in work while imaging scenery remaining in oneself. Okui who says, we want you to find a certain story in each work.
 We hold exhibition a few times a year in the whole country. We want to tell pleasure of paper-cutting to many people at exhibition, and paper-cutting experience classroom is opened, too.
 Through works such as picture books, he/she wants to continue making work of paper-cutting impressed many people in future.

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