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You can see tourist brochures with PDF format.

Higashi-Omi-shi tourist association homepageWe open with the other window

At first we take sightseeing information of Higashi-Omi-shi from this. We rediscover blessings of nature and heart of Japan. It is full of seasonal sightseeing information of Higashi-Omi-shi. As for the information of volunteer guide from this. Even Facebook is sending information.

World kite Museum Higashi-Omi University kite hall homepageWe open with the other window

Yokaichi town corner information building homepageWe open with the other window

 We wait for Yokaichi, and, as for the corner information building, it is in base to send information to through displaying and selling again as people gathering, communicating place of thing.  Please drop in casually, everybody.

Nonprofit foundation biwako visitors bureau homepageWe open with the other window

It is run "sightseeing in Shiga information" homepage.  We send tourist attraction and product, event information of Shiga. In addition, he/she performs issuance and Shiga photo gallery of e-mail magazine, operation of reservation system.  We assume people having Shiga visit by meeting and business "visitor" widely and are carried out various activities to be able to fully enjoy Shiga by warm "hospitality".

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