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We win heat! ... "curtain contest of green" photo exhibition holding ... which No. 1 green curtain decided

[September 7, 2018]

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We hold "green curtain contest" photo exhibition

State (Eigenji library) of photo exhibition of 2017

 In Higashi-Omi-shi refreshing environment creation meeting, we promote "green curtain project" as one of the approaches to lead to power saving and global warming measure of putting in the summer.
 After "green curtain contest" that was part of this project being the sixth year this year, and recruiting "green curtains" which beat heat made with creepers such as bitter gourds in home or office, there was application from eight ordinary households and two offices.
 We hold "green curtain contest" photo exhibition that citizen's everybody sees all works which had you apply this time and makes green curtain widely available.
(as for the right image state of Eigenji library of last year)

Holding place, period of photo exhibition

As each facility has closed days, please be careful.

In addition, about opening time of each facility, please confirm the link mentioned above.

In addition, open agency time of city hall main government building is (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays) from 8:30 to 17:15.


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We win heat! The other route to ... "curtain contest of green" photo exhibition holding ... which No. 1 green curtain decided

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