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September, 2018 ordinary assembly general interpellation item

[October 26, 2018]

ID: 9308

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* Date : From Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 12th Wednesday, 13th Thursday 9:00

* Place : The third floor of the Higashi-Omi-shi government office main government building Main Building assembly hall

 Anyone can do hearing of municipal assembly.

 For more details, from this → Hearing of assembly

* General interpellation of September, 2018 ordinary assembly

  [question time: for 25 minutes]

(remark notice book attaches to the lower berth by question order)

September, 2018 ordinary assembly question order
Question dayRemark orderMember of the Diet full nameDenomination name
Tuesday, September 111Hitoshi InoueNew government independent meeting
2Zenzo NishizawaNew government independent meeting
3Yoshio NishizawaHigashi-Omi citizen club
4Yasuharu OhashiHigashi-Omi citizen club
5Kazuchika NishimuraHigashi-Omi citizen club
6Junji NishimuraHigashi-Omi citizen club
7sei﨑*Higashi-Omi citizen club
Wednesday, September 128Takemi TainakaHigashi-Omi citizen club
9Koji AoyamaHigashi-Omi citizen club
10moriden德chiHigashi-Omi citizen club
11Norihiko SuzukiHigashi-Omi citizen club
12Naohiko YamamotoHigashi-Omi citizen club
13yasudenkogenSun club
14Koji KojimaSun club
Thursday, September 1315Hideyuki TsujiSun club
16Naomi SakuraSun club
17Kichisaka is richThe Komeito
18Noriko TakeuchiThe Komeito
19*denko*Japanese Communist Party members
20Kazushi YamanakaJapanese Communist Party members
21Field volost plusJapanese Communist Party members
22Large sinus cooneNo denomination

List of September, 2018 ordinary assembly general interpellation remark notice handwriting

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