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[Saturday, September 1] We held shunoiju*susumi tour

[September 4, 2018]

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"Agriculture" of Motoichi living that there is is sensed bodily on shunoiju*susumi tour

 On daily Saturday, we held shunoiju*susumi tour as domiciliation emigration promotion measure of Motoichi. We spotlighted "agriculture" that was key industry of Motoichi by having you participate in tour targeting at people interested in agriculture and sensed charm and living bodily, and this performed to take thought to domiciliation emigration as more real thing, and 18 participated from the prefecture outside.

 After having observed direct sales place such as vegetables or fruit in road station Aito Marguerite Station (younger sister town 184-1), we invited Representative Director Shigemitsu Matsui of area trading company "Higashi-Omi aguri station" established with eco-plaza field mustard building to meet, and to ask (younger sister town 70) in this April and heard story about approach to distribute fresh vegetables in area. In addition, in discussion to hear actual voice of emigration agriculture worker, we heard process to shuno with opportunity when we decided emigration from four people made shuno in Higashi-Omi-shi.

 Lunch thoroughly enjoys dishes using local ingredients while hearing the empty house registration situation and utilization example of Motoichi from the person in charge of Higashi-Omi-shi empty house bank in cafe which redecorated local old folk house. We experienced harvest of visit and grapes of tomato farmhouse from the afternoon, and participant enjoyed blessings of nature while mentioning living with "agriculture" of Higashi-Omi-shi.

 "We are thinking about shuno, but, as for Seishiro Sekizawa who participated in tour in three families, Higashi-Omi-shi thinks that the acceptance system of agriculture worker is set newly. We told, it was good local trading company and, besides, we listened to concrete story, and to participate very clearly.

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State of discussion
We thoroughly enjoy dishes in cafe which redecorated old folk house


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