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Public information higashiomi September issue (PDF, text, MP3)

[September 1, 2018]

ID: 9283

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Public information "produces Higashio"

Special feature 

Portable Document Format

Photograph of cover

From page 2: To the future local to the future of special feature, agriculture. Challenge.
From page 6: Photonews
From page 8: To support person with information-pick up, dementia in area
From page 10: Information station
From page 14: Museum, culture facility event guide, library
From page 16: News, offer, civic consultation

 We can see by public information of the space and about the same contents and are suitable for printing.
 It is necessary to install acrobatics leader of Adobe company to see this file.

Portable Document Format

Acquisition of Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is necessary for reading of PDF file. When the software is not installed, please perform downloading (for free) of Adobe Reader from site of Adobe company.

Text format

 It is public information of text type that completely omitted image and decoration. We corresponded to reading software for person with visual impairment.

★We deliver text version by mail from August, 2017 issue.

 We deliver text to hoping person in form that devoted itself to the email text directly.

 For more details, please see page of "we deliver contents of public information paper with text format".

MP3 form (public information of voice)

The cause of cooperation of volunteer everybody publishes public information higashiomino sound data.

It is public information for sound that anyone can play if we use Windows MediaPlayer.

・When each city hall section direct telephone call number of reference is omitted, have a seat to representative of city hall (Phone: 0748-24-1234/0749-46-2100 IP telephone: 050-5801-1234).

Public information "produces Higashio"; about no distribution, delivery

 We distribute including newspaper occasion on the day on issue date. (the morning sun every day six of Yomiuri, Sankei, middle day, Kyoto Shimbun)

 It is installed in public facilities such as city hall or branch, community center, library.
 When you had you drop in, please take to go freely.
 For more details, please see page of "public information "produces Higashio" and distributes no".

 We deliver by application of smartphone and tablet terminal.
 For more details, please see page of "we deliver public information papers by application of smartphone".

 We deliver by data broadcasting of cable TV "Higashi-Omi cable network" (Higashi-Omi smile net).
 With D button (data broadcasting) of program, please choose "public information paper" among "administrative news".
 For more details, look at site of "Higashi-Omi smile net".

Public information "produces Higashio"; about no advertisement offer

 In city, we place paid advertisement to public information higashiomiya city homepage for the purpose of planning effectively utilizing and activation of regional economy, securing of independent revenue sources of assets to hold.
 For more details, please see page of public information higashiomi advertisement offer or city homepage banner ad offer.


The Higashi-Omi-shi government office Planning public relations section

Telephone: 0748-24-5611 IP telephone: 050-5801-5611

Fax: 0748-24-1457

Inquiry form

  • Let's visit sightseeing information, excursion Higashi-Omi-shi
  • Let's live in domiciliation emigration promotion site Higashi-Omi-shi
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  • Position of Higashi-Omi-shi

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