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Though it is the black, we discontinue our business? About conduct of recruitment of ... next University ... "whole Higashi-Omi happy retirement support project" more

[November 20, 2018]

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About whole Higashi-Omi happy retirement support project

 Companies discontinuing their business increase throughout Japan and are becoming serious problem now. As for it, Higashi-Omi-shi is no exception, too. Therefore, in Motoichi, we carry out business succession individual treatment conference with person that business is wanted to carry out with manager who is thinking about business closing because there is not successor in Higashi-Omi-shi though it is the black for running.

※About business closing

 We succeed business looking for successor, and meaning of business closing in this business develops business performing continuously now.

Happy retirement support project flyer

Happy retirement support project

On the date

  • From Friday, November 9 13:00 to 20:00
  • From Saturday, November 10 10:00 to 17:00

Held venue

TKP Tokyo Station central conference Centre Hall 11A

The eleventh floor of 1-8-16, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo shimmakicho building

JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Central Exit 1-minute walk

Venue homepage

Access map


The offer type of job

1 Western confectionery retail business (assorted cake, cakes) 

2 food processing dealerships (production, production, sale of red pepper) 

3 rice flour manufacturing industry (production such as rice flour, rice cake powder) 

4 clotheses for rent business (kimono) 

5 metalwork business (lathe, cutting, die for forging) 

6 housing parts business (sash sale, installation) 

7 ironsmiths business (metal welding, processing) 

8 agriculture (do cultivation of grape) 

Application method

Please propose by the following method.

[1]Application from application form (we open with window)

[2]We fill in matter necessary for application on the back of the attached flyer and we mail or fax

Guidance flyer

Acquisition of Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is necessary for reading of PDF file. When the software is not installed, please perform downloading (for free) of Adobe Reader from site of Adobe company.

Support system

Business succession, support system about emigration domiciliation are in Higashi-Omi-shi. For more details, please refer.

About business succession

  ○ About emigration domiciliation (Planning Division)

Inquiry, application

The whole Higashi-Omi executive committee happy retirement support sectional meeting secretariat

Charge (higashikinkoshiyakushokankobutsusankahonji, commercial and industrial Administration Division Yamamoto)

〒527-8527 10-5, Yokaichimidorimachi, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga

TEL 0748-24-1234 (main), 0748-24-5662

IP telephone 050-5801-5662 

Fax 0748-23-8292 


Sightseeing in Higashi-Omi-shi government office business and industry sightseeing department product section

Telephone: 0748-24-5662 IP telephone: 050-5801-5662

Fax: 0748-23-8292

Inquiry form

Genre in organization

Sightseeing in commercial and industrial sightseeing department product section

  • Let's visit sightseeing information, excursion Higashi-Omi-shi
  • Let's live in domiciliation emigration promotion site Higashi-Omi-shi
  • Higashi-Omi ism. Let's know Higashi-Omi-shi
  • Position of Higashi-Omi-shi

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