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About attention to heat stroke in residents' association events

[July 27, 2018]

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 Health hazards due to heat stroke increase in intense heat of day after day.

 When it carries out event in residents' association or group, it is important prophylaxis of heat stroke and that appropriate correspondence makes the produced relief system when patients with heat stroke occur by any chance.
 In addition, you call participant and, about the prevention of heat stroke, enlighten, and please note health care of the staff enough.

 About precaution at the time of event holding, please see the following documents.

 In addition, look at this page about heat stroke.
   We opened rest station as heat stroke measures at one time (we open with window)

Heat stroke measures guidelines 2018 (extract) in event of the Ministry of the Environment summer

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Route according to attention nitsuiteheno to heat stroke in residents' association events

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