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[until Sunday, December 16] Under "Shiga east sea stamp rally around" holding

[August 2, 2018]

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Under "Shiga, east sea stamp rally around" holding

 We hold "around Shiga, east sea stamp rally" in 2 cities and 2 towns of (Higashi-Omi-shi, Omihachiman-shi, Hino-cho, Ryuoh-cho) of East Shiga.

 We install stamp in 86 places such as tourist facilities of Higashi-Omi area.

 When we collect one, two stamps in total in one, "Hino-cho, Ryuoh-cho" in "Higashi-Omi-shi, Omihachiman-shi" and apply, wonderful prize hits 60 in total by lot.

  • Period: From Saturday, July 21 to Sunday, December 16
  • Application method: We seal with stamp in exclusive brochure, and postcard is mailed by mail or application box
  • Application box setting place: 11 places (we list in brochure) including each tourist information center and tourist association
  • The application deadline: Sunday, December 16
  • Lottery day: Thursday, December 20
  • Prize: Hotel 12 pair accommodation coupons, person from Oomi beef 1kg3, special product 45, 60 people in total

    ※As for the application, one limit is effective per person.
    ※We get announcement of elected candidate with shipment of prize.
    ※We use personal information offered about application only for lottery, shipment of election prize.

Reference: Sightseeing in Higashi-Omi-shi business and industry sightseeing department product section

Phone number 0748-24-5662


There is application postcard in brochure.


Sightseeing in Higashi-Omi-shi government office business and industry sightseeing department product section

Telephone: 0748-24-5662 IP telephone: 050-5801-5662

Fax: 0748-23-8292

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Sightseeing in commercial and industrial sightseeing department product section

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[until Sunday, December 16] To "Shiga east sea stamp rally around" now being held the other route

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