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We opened rest station as heat stroke measures at one time

[July 27, 2018]

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Let's be careful about heat stroke!

 Hot day continues day after day, and a lot of health hazards due to heat stroke are reported. About half is elderly person and is the situation that seriously ill example to result in death produces. We acquire right knowledge about heat stroke and are careful about change of physical condition, and let's prevent health hazard due to heat stroke. For elderly person, child, person having chronic disease impaired person, neighboring calling and consideration are in particular necessary.

We opened rest station as heat stroke measures at one time

 For the heat stroke prevention, we open corner of public facilities of city at one time as rest station. Please use casually.

Temporary rest station
City hall central government office, east Government building 
BranchEach district
Community centerEach district
Health centerYokaichi, Koto, Notogawa
LibraryEach district
Wellness YokaichiYokaichi
Yokaichi culture art hallYokaichi
Village culture learning center of balanceGoka-so
Oldness and culture on-site training buildingEigen temple

 ◆Business hours of each facility is inner at use time

 ◆Until period of use Sunday, September 30

What is 1 heat stroke?

 "Heat stroke" is to be in high temperature and humid environment for a long time, and break, temperature control function do not work well, and balance of internal moisture and salt gradually points to state that heat stayed in the body. When we are doing nothing in the room as well as the outdoors, it develops and is conveyed first aid and may die in some cases.

To prevent 2 heat stroke

  1. We avoid heat
    We wear parasol and hat when going out, and let's avoid direct rays of the sun. In the room, we make ventilation better and use air-conditioner or electric fan well, and let's regulate temperature, humidity. In addition, let's wear clothes with air permeable good absorbency, quick-drying.

  2. We supply moisture, salt diligently
    Let's supply moisture, salt, oral supplementary water liquid diligently even if we do not feel drought even when going out in the room either.

If 3 heat stroke is doubted

  1. To cool place
    Let's evacuate in cool place including the good shade of the room and ventilation that air-conditioner works for.
  2. We cool body
    We loosen clothes, and let's cool the circumference, armpits of neck with ice or wet towel.
  3. Hydration
    Let's supply moisture, salt, oral supplementary water liquid.

 When there is not consciousness that water cannot swallow up by oneself, let's call ambulance immediately!

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of the Environment leaflet

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