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As for the acquisition of various certificates, convenience store grant service is convenient

[July 4, 2018]

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Convenience store grant service is available!

Convenience store grant begins (the surface)
 Using my number card, we can acquire various certificates including copying, seal registration certificate of resident's card at convenience stores of the whole country.

Service contents

Available person

  • It is person with resident registration in Higashi-Omi-shi
  • Person (we need the deployment of number) of electronic certificate password (four columns for user proof) who has my number card

※Person younger than 15 years is not available.

Certificate and grant fee that we can acquire

Certificate and grant fee that we can acquire
CertificateRange that we can acquire Grant fee 
Copy of resident's cardPerson of household same as the person and the personOne 200 yen
Resident's card items mentioned certificatePerson of household same as the person and the personOne 200 yen
Seal registration certificateThe personOne 200 yen
Taxation (income) certificateThe person (for the latest year when ratable value and income were settled)
One 200 yen

※Each fee is 100 yen cheaper than window, and it is available.

Available store

  • Seven-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Circle K Sunkus, MINISTOP, HEIWADO

※It is available at stores of the whole country.

※It is limited to store where multifunctional terminal (multi-copier) is installed in.

Time that we can take advantage of

  • From 6:30 to 23:00

※It is excluded on January 3 and maintenance day (irregular) from December 29.

※It is limited within business hours of store.

Instructions when we use convenience store grant

  • It is only the person having my number card to be available.
  • We are locked when we get a wrong password consecutively three times and are not available.
  • Refund, exchange of acquired certificate is not possible.
    In addition, it is not accepted exchange and refund of certificate that we finished payment of rate unless there is poor print at convenience store.

Person (household) whom convenience store grant is not available to

  • Person (household) who is made proposal of foldup of certificate
  • Person (household) in Higashi-Omi-shi without resident's card (transference, the death)
  • Transference planned person (household) who is filed for
  • Person younger than 15 years

My number card is necessary to use convenience store grant

  • It takes around one month before we do information for receipt (sending of postcard) from application of my number card.
    For more information, look here.


Higashi-Omi-shi government office citizen Environment Department citizen's section
IP telephone: 050-5801-8295
Telephone: 0570-078-963 (navigator dial)
Fax: 0748-23-6600
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