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About actions at the time of ballistic missile fall

[April 10, 2018]

ID: 7745

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About actions at the time of ballistic missile fall

  • Ballistic missile hits the ground from discharge extremely in a short time.

  • When missile may fall to Japan, we utilize J alert, and message drifts with special siren sound from door-to-door receiver of notice terminal and disaster prevention information notice broadcast system of cable TV, outdoor loudspeaker, and emergency information reaches by emergency breaking news emails of cell-phone.

※About 1 J alert, please see this.
 Summary (we open with window) of Fire and Disaster Management Agency J alert

※About reception right or wrong confirmation method with smartphones of 2 emergency breaking news emails and measures when we cannot receive, please see this.

Inflection of delivery service of nation protection information by smartphone application

If message flows, please take the next action promptly

[when in the outdoors]

  • We evacuate to in building (if we can do it firm buildings such as concrete building) nearby or basement (facilities such as underground shopping center or station building under the ground under the ground)
  • We hide whether you hide yourself in shade from the ground and protect the head near when there are not suitable buildings

[when in indoor]

  • We are separated from window as much as possible and move to cave if possible

Furthermore, about detailed information, please see Cabinet Secretariat nation protection portal site.

Cabinet Secretariat nation protection portal site ( (open with window)

Cabinet Secretariat Civil Protection Portal Site( (we open with window)
This page is the English version of the Cabinet Secretariat Civil Protection Portal Site.
It is English version page of nation protection portal site.
In this page, you can read documents about Civil Protection on English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.
In this page, we can read document about nation protection in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese.


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Fax: 0748-24-0752

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