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[April 1, 2017]

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Route map

Bus is route map of whole city of taxi a little a little.

Whole Higashi-Omi-shi route map


Yokaichi district

Eigen Terachi ward - Yokaichi district

Aito district - Yokaichi district

  • A little bus Aito line (size: 1.51MB)

    The south circumference (Yokaichi Station - Kanda - Koto HEIWADO - Ikenoshiri - Aito branch - Aitoutonocho) north circumference (in Yokaichi Station - Kanda ... Kishimoto - Aito branch - Oomi hot spring Hospital - Kudara temple)

  • Slightly each taxi Aito line (size: 921.27KB)

    1 line (the Namazue - Aito branch - Oomi hot spring Hospital - Kudara temple - Aito north small) 2 line (Bairin - Ikenoshiri - Aito branch - Daikaku-ji Temple - Hirao) 3 line (Aito branch - younger sister north exit - Aoyama - Aitoutonocho)

Koto district - Yokaichi district

Gokasho district

Gamo district

Notogawa district

Main destination to be able to go slightly by bus


Higashi-Omi synthesis medical center ... Ichihara Line, Tamao Okino line, southern part Misono line

Koto Memorial Hospital ... Koto line

Higashi-Omi respect and affection hospital ... Tamao Okino line, southern part Misono line

Notogawa Hospital ... size median

[sightseeing spot]

Eigen temple ... titled lady line

Village ... titled lady line of depths Eigen temple mountain stream

Aito Marguerite Station ... Aito line

Kudara temple ... Aito line (the north circumference)

Palace ... Koto line of the exploration

Higashi-Omi University kite hall ... southern part Misono line


Hibari Park ... Koto line

Heart peer ... Tamao Okino line

It is ... with "bus a little"

By bus of teijiteirosen which Higashi-Omi-shi entrusts, and travels, nickname is "bus a little".
We adhere to shopping and going to hospital, everyday life including attending school and operate 9 lines in the city.

It is ... with "taxi a little"

It is jitney needing reservations which city entrusts, and runs. Please understand with bus which runs only when there is reservation. Flight without reservation does not run. It travels by vehicle of taxi. When it is taken, the first train time of each flight needs reservation (we make a reservation about flight early in the morning by the day before) more than 30 minutes ago.

[slightly reservation according to taxi line]


  ◎It is each taxi Aito line, Koto area, arm loop line, Takebe line, city side line, Hirata line, Gokasho area, Gamo area slightly

       ⇒Oomi taxi Koto TEL: 0120-17-2510

  ◎Dream Joto Line, Jingo Line, Shingu Suda line

       ⇒Shiga first traffic TEL: 0120-377-535

About fare, service


Fare of bus taxi is one vehicle car 200 yen in adults (more than junior high student) a little. (as for the primary schoolchild, at half price)

In addition, it is more advantageous when it is various tickets including ticket for coupon, daily ticket, one month.

[about transit]

When we get off bus taxi a little at stop which can pass through, we get "transit rearranging ticket" by telling the effect of transit to driver with fare payment.

Of point that changed when get off bus taxi a little, can pay the difference with "transit rearranging ticket".

About fare, service

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Higashi-Omi-shi government office citizen Environment Department transport policy section

Telephone: 0748-24-5658 IP telephone: 050-5801-5658

Fax: 0748-24-5692

Inquiry form

Genre in organization

Citizen Environment Department transport policy section

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