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Higashi-Omi-shi honorary citizen

[March 9, 2015]

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 Connection is deep in Higashi-Omi citizen or Higashi-Omi-shi and it is contributed to increase of the public welfare and progress of culture, more widely social development and is title which the achievement gives person respected by citizen.

Honorary citizen medal

≪Honorary citizen medal≫

Koichi Nakamura February 11, 2015 honoring

The first Higashi-Omi mayor (Ichinobecho, Higashi-Omi-shi)

Koichi Nakamura photograph

 It was worked on merger realization as 1 city and 4 towns merger meeting chairperson sincerely from June, 2003, and abilities were shown for merger of city which became first among throughout the prefecture and plural towns.
 In addition, it was taken office as the first Higashi-Omi mayor and was made an effort for merger realization as 1 city and 2 towns merger meeting chairperson again promptly and was made for breeding of a sense of unity of new city, and foundation of Higashi-Omi-shi was built.



Yujin Nakaji February 11, 2015 honoring

Japanese painter (Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto-shi)

Yujin Nakaji

 We continued describing scenery of Shiga including the biwa lakefront and rural district while putting original scenery of heart in Gokasho, and position as painter who led Japanese painting circles was built.
 It was played an active part as nonprofit foundation Nitten's managing director director from March, 2002 and had you greatly contribute to progress of Motoichi culture through Japanese painting classroom holding in elementary school and exhibition holding support of Japanese painter after Higashi-Omi-shi start.


Higashi-Omi-shi government office Planning Secretarial Division

Telephone: 0748-24-5615 IP telephone: 050-5801-5615

Fax: 0748-24-1457

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