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City homepage banner ad offer

[May 14, 2018]

ID: 1205

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We raise city homepage banner ads!

 In city, we publish paid advertisement (banner ad) to city homepage for the purpose of planning effectively utilizing and activation of regional economy and securing of independent revenue sources of assets to hold.

※We utilize city homepage effectively, and banner ad is going to secure new independent revenue sources, and does not recommend authorized suppliers.

 We are raising banner ads now.

[monthly access number (moon average)]  (Higashi-Omi-shi homepage top page count) 

  •  135,110 2017 (from April, 2017 to March, 2018)
  •  108,034 2016 (from April, 2016 to March, 2017)
  •  103,198 2015 (from April, 2015 to March, 2016)
  •  99,856 2014 (from April, 2014 to March, 2015)
  •  83,307 2013 (from April, 2013 to March, 2014)

Summary of publication

[position of advertisement]

  • We establish banner ad area in the lower part of city homepage top page.

 ※We display homepage of advertiser linked to when we click banner ad.

[standard] (size, capacity, image format)

  • 140 pixels of 60 pixels of vertical X side
  • 5 kilobytes or less
  • Still image of GIF form and JPEG form
    ※Animation is impossible
    ※Still image in conformity with Web accessibility (elderly person, person with a disability consideration design guideline)

[standard sample]

It is still image of 140 pixels of sample length 60 pixels X side, 5 kilobytes or less, GIF form and JPEG form during "banner ad offer"

[the number of the offer frames]

  12 frames

[insertion charges and publication period]

It is 1 frame 20,000 yen in January.
※There is long-term discount system.
 [applications consecutive for 6-11 months]
 It is 1 frame 14,000 yen in January
 [applications consecutive for 12 months]
 It is 1 frame 10,000 yen in January

[application, procedure]

<the deadline>

 We accept at any time.


 You attach advertisement manuscript (banner data), and or, after filling out matter necessary for 1 application, please submit by mail directly to the public relations section on the third floor of the city hall main government building Main Building.
   Please attach advertisement manuscript (banner data) by E-mail separately to the public relations section.

 We decide the right or wrong of 2 insertions and send insertion decision letter of advice and delivery letter of advice. (when we cannot publish, we send notice of non-decision)

 Please pay insertion charges by day to appoint 3.

 Depending on 4 need, there is discussion such as advertisement contents, design.

<application and reference>

〒527-8527 10-5, Yokaichimidorimachi, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga
The Higashi-Omi-shi Planning public relations section 
Telephone 0748-24-5611 IP telephone 050-5801-5611

   ◆Higashi-Omi-shi insertion handling summary

Leaflet for advertisement guidance

We raise advertisements in public information "public information higashiomi" of city

 For more details, please see this page.

 Public information higashiomi advertisement offer


The Higashi-Omi-shi government office Planning public relations section

Telephone: 0748-24-5611 IP telephone: 050-5801-5611

Fax: 0748-24-1457

Inquiry form

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