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Please support Higashi-Omi-shi; ... oldness and contribution system ...

[October 24, 2018]

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We accepted oldness and contribution of 2018 and started

About reception desk of 2018 oldness and contribution

"Oldness and choice" were "Rakuten hometown tax" and "furunabi" and started  oldness and acceptance of contribution in 2018.

You utilize person who was born and raised in Higashi-Omi-shi and person loving Higashi-Omi-shi deeply, "oldness and contribution system", and please support Higashi-Omi-shi

 "Oldness and contribution (the tax payment) system" began by revision of Local Tax Law on April 30, 2008.

 We founded Higashi-Omi-shi oldness and the contribution regulations for the purpose of utilizing contribution that everybody gave to for town development of Higashi-Omi-shi in Higashi-Omi-shi.

 We want to utilize donation sent by everybodies of the whole country for town development of Higashi-Omi-shi full of charm. I would like cooperation of everybody.

About contribution from everybody living in Higashi-Omi-shi

 Based on oldness and purpose of contribution, it was finished about oldness from everybody who lived in Higashi-Omi-shi and sending of return favor product for contribution (special product) on June 30, 2017.

Information for Higashi-Omi-shi oldness and contribution

"Higashi-Omi-shi oldness and the contribution regulations"

One stop exception (report exception to affect donation tax subtraction) application

Approach of special product sending

 We send special product of Higashi-Omi-shi to person who had oldness and contribution more than 10,000 yen. In reference to following mentions, please choose among special product brochure.

Contribution amount of money

Special product to be able to choose

Please choose one point more than 10,000 yen from less than 15,000 yen A (a)

Please choose one point more than 15,000 yen from less than 20,000 yen B

Please choose one point more than 20,000 yen from less than 20,000 yen 5,000 yen C (c)

Please choose one point more than 25,000 yen from less than 30,000 yen D

Please choose one point more than 30,000 yen from less than 40,000 yen E (e)

Please choose one point more than 40,000 yen from less than 50,000 yen F (f)

Please choose one point more than 50,000 yen from less than 60,000 yen G (g)

Please choose one point more than 60,000 yen from less than 70,000 yen H (h)

Please choose one point from less than 75,000 yen 1 (i) more than 70,000 yen

Please choose one point more than 75,000 yen from less than 80,000 yen J (j)

Please choose one point more than 80,000 yen from less than 90,000 yen K (k)

Please choose one point more than 90,000 yen from less than 100,000 yen L (l)

Please choose one point more than 100,000 yen from less than 110,000 yen M (m)

Please choose one point more than 110,000 yen from less than 125,000 yen N

Please choose one point more than 125,000 yen from less than 150,000 yen O

Please choose one point more than 150,000 yen from less than 175,000 yen P (p)

Please choose one point more than 175,000 yen from less than 200,000 yen Q

Please choose one point more than 200,000 yen from less than 250,000 yen R (r)

Please choose one point more than 250,000 yen from less than 300,000 yen S (s)

Please choose one point more than 300,000 yen from T (t) 

※We send special product as thanks to person who had oldness and contribution, but this corresponds to occasional income. This is not treated as expenditure for oldness and contribution to get income (special product) and is accompanied in being targeted in donation subtraction, and occasional income becomes taxable about sum that we exceeded when we exceed 500,000 yen a year.


Motoichi is doing the handling of some special products in cooperation with Takashimaya Co., Ltd.

Method of contribution

 Person who can apply for oldness and contribution hopes that we have contribution by the following procedures.

Application for 1 contribution

 By linked "WEB contribution system" or "oldness and contribution application," I would like application for contribution.
 ・Please send contribution application to sightseeing in Higashi-Omi-shi product section by either method of mail, fax, E-mail.
  ※I send contribution application to wanting person by mail, fax, E-mail.
  In addition, we can download from this.

Higashi-Omi-shi oldness and contribution application

 Person who contributes on WEB, and is applied for clicks the following image, and please fill in necessary matter including contribution amount of money.

Oldness and choice logo
Rakuten logo
furunabi logo

Payment of 2 donations

 Method to have donation approach is credit settlement, three kinds of delivery letter of advice payment, money sent by registered mail payment. We handle delivery letter of advice in the next financial institution.
 In addition, about fee of account transfer, the postage of money sent by registered mail, it becomes donor burden.

[handling financial institution of delivery letter of advice]
SHIGA BANK, Kansai Urban Banking, the Bank of Kyoto, Koto credit association, Shiga center credit association, green Oomi agricultural cooperative, Koto agricultural cooperative, Kinki workers' credit union, citizens of Shiga credit union, east Notogawa agricultural cooperative, Gamochou, Shiga agricultural cooperative
Japan Post Bank, post office (in the case of postal payment handling vote, possible at post offices of the whole country) which is located in four prefectures of Kinki 2 prefectures
 ※About method of contribution, we do call of contents confirmation after the contribution application receipt.


[method of the credit settlement]

From either WEB reception desk system of "hometown choice" "Rakuten hometown tax" "furunabi", apply for contribution.

In the case of application, please choose "the credit settlement" as payment method. 


  • Handling card brand is VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AmericanExpress, Diners.
  • Fee is free.

About 3 donation subtraction

・About donation subtraction, [1] of next and [2] are received.

   [1]  It is deduction from income from income tax for age that we contributed

   [2]  It is tax credit from residence tax for the next fiscal year when we contributed

・Sum targeted for subtraction is part more than 2,000 yen in donations.

・[2]20% of the amount of personal residence tax income percent is the upper limit in deductions of this about exception minute.

・Principle final income tax return is necessary to receive subtraction.

  * Final income tax return from this → (National Tax Agency homepage)


[about one stop exception system]

・It was final income tax return-free by reporting to contribution ahead group when oldness and contribution fell only for case within 5 groups, and, about salaried employees that final income tax return was unnecessary, special structure (oldness and contribution one stop exception system) that subtraction was received was founded.

・Person that one stop exception is hoped for, please check in exception system hope column of contribution application.

・We mail application to person that one stop exception is hoped for after the donation receipt of money confirmation.


(reference: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage)

Menu to suggest of Higashi-Omi-shi

 In Higashi-Omi-shi, we save donation that everybody gave to in fund and inflect for town development business of Higashi-Omi-shi.
 When you have contribution, please choose from the next suggestion menu.
(suggestion menu we click in detail, and please see)

Please be careful about "wire fraud"!

 "Wire fraud" that talked about oldness and contribution is expected. Please be careful about fraud enough. We may not demand request of transfer that we appoint account and operation of ATM in Higashi-Omi-shi.

We would like dream fund in the Higashi-Omi-shi child future.

 With good will (donation) of ... you as double of the amount,
              ... which conjugates for the future of children

For more details, please see page of dream fund in the child future.


Sightseeing in Higashi-Omi-shi government office business and industry sightseeing department product section

Telephone: 0748-24-5662 IP telephone: 050-5801-5662

Fax: 0748-23-8292

Inquiry form

Genre in organization

Sightseeing in commercial and industrial sightseeing department product section

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Please support Higashi-Omi-shi; ... oldness and contribution system ...

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