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Various certificate overtime grant reservation applications are possible

[February 23, 2018]

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About various certificate overtime grant reservation applications

 When even person whom there is not the next agency by convenience of work during the city hall office hours (from 8:30 to 17:15) on weekdays performs resident's card and certification of a seal impression, grant reservation of various certificates including city tax relations proof through Internet fax, we can receive this service in the guard's office on (from Saturday, 8:30 on Sundays and holidays to 20:00) on in the night (from 17:15 to 20:00) or holiday. (it is said that reservation of same day grant is from 8:30 on weekdays to 16:30.)

※Reservation is possible for 24 hours. But grant of certificate is closed days (holiday) and closed days about application after 16:30 on the day before after latest open agency day. 

Target duties

 We issue next various certificates.

  • Certification of a seal impression, resident's card, resident's card items mentioned proof, johyo of resident's card
      Counter in charge ... citizen's section telephone: 0748-24-5630 IP telephone: 050-5801-5630

  • Tax payment proof (except corporation), full payment proof (except corporation)
      Counter in charge ... tax payment charging talk: 0748-24-5606 IP telephone: 050-5801-5606

  • Municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation (income) proof
      Counter in charge ... Municipal Tax Division telephone: 0748-24-5604 IP telephone: 050-5801-5604


※Please read before grant reservation application by all means.


 Applicant limits to the person or person belonging to the same household. But seal certificate assumes grant only for the person.

  • We do not accept case by person of commission.
  • We do not accept the receipt by agent either.

Application reservation

●In the case of the Internet

 After having input necessary matter along application input screen, you confirm transmission contents, and please transmit.
 Browser, please use Internet Explorer.
 ※As for the application from carrying, smartphone, there might be mojibake. When there is mojibake with transmission confirmation screen, I would like confirmation to post in charge once.
 As the person in charge may reply, allow you to receive email from by reception setting of email.
 In addition, when there is reply, to 1 degree post in charge of confirmation hope that call.

●In the case of fax

 After downloading grant reservation application for fax, and having listed necessary matter, you fax, and please transmit.

 ※It is said that reservation of same day grant is from 8:30 on weekdays to 16:30.
 ※Reservation is possible for 24 hours. But it is grant day of certificate after latest open agency day of city hall.
 ※When there are defects in application, we cannot issue documents.

Grant of certificate

●Grant place of certificate

 Applicant, please come for receiving after the reservation application to city hall "guard's office" (city hall new Government building) on the date and time made a reservation.
 ※Receipt in branch cannot speak certificate which makes a reservation, and was applied for. About grant, we perform only in the guard's office in new Government building.

●Confirmation matter

  • Duty person confirms identity verification, contents which make a reservation, and are crowded, and were done, amount of money of fee.
  • In the case of identity verification, please show driver's license or special permanent resident certificate or residence card. When none is owned, please show certificate of public engine issuance including health insurance card.
  • As you confirm registration number of seal registration card (city card) in the case of seal registration certificate, take seal registration card by all means.

※When the identity verification document mentioned above was not brought, we do not issue.
※When member of agent and same household can come for the receipt in place of applicant, we do not issue either.



 We issue certificate and receipt in exchange for certificate issuance fee.

  • Copy of resident's card 300 yen/
  • Seal registration certificate 300 yen/
  • Resident's card items mentioned certificate 300 yen/
  • juminhyojohyo 300 yen/
  • Tax payment certificate 300 yen / items of taxation
  • Full payment certificate 300 yen/
  • Municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation (income) certificate 300 yen/

※It is day when we accepted reservation on date of certificate.


Reservation application form


    Resident's card grant reservation application

    Seal registration certificate grant reservation application

    Others resident's card-related certificate grant reservation application
     (resident's card items mentioned proof, juminhyojohyo)

    Person in charge of customs certificate grant reservation application
     (tax payment proof, full payment proof, municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation (income) proof)

    ※We cannot issue full payment certificate for car inspection of light vehicle tax.


● Grant reservation application for fax

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Higashi-Omi-shi government office citizen Environment Department citizen's section

Telephone: 0748-24-5630 IP telephone: 050-5801-5630

Fax: 0748-23-6600

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